Radar Precipitation Canary Islands

We show you the last image of the rain or precipitation radar of the Canary Islands. Radar updates every 10 minutes.

Rain radar Canary Islands

imagen radar

Last radar image Canary Islands. AEMET image.


The rain radar for the Canary Islands will allow you to locate rainfall accurately and determine its intensity. The color scale at the bottom determines this intensity, which ranges from the blue of low rainfall to the red of more intense rains.

What is a weather radar?

A meteorological radar is a type of radar used to locate precipitation and consequently calculate the trajectories. It is also possible to estimate its type (rain, snow, hail, etc.). Its final objective is to calculate the trajectory of storm structures, as well as their potential, and to avoid damage.

In the case of the AEMET Radar, this radar results in an image that represents the reflectivity captured by the radar echoes. In this case it corresponds to an elevation (0.5° above the horizontal plane). The color scale indicates intervals of reflectivity in decibels Z. At the bottom we can see the time of the last output, this hour is the time peninsular, so we would have to subtract an hour for the Canary Islands.