Canarian meteorological satellite image

Below you can see a satellite image of the current Canary Islands, this image is updated every 15 minutes.

Infrared satellite image with temperature-enhancing clouds top

This satellite image uses the infrared channel with a superimposed color layer that enhances the temperature of the tops or tops of the clouds. In the lower part of the image we have the legend to identify the temperatures. These range from 40 degrees positive to -80 degrees.

satelite canarias

Canary Islands infrared satellite image. Image of

Canary Islands infrared satellite animation

Same type of satellite as in the previous image but in animation. We have a composition of the last hours of the sky state in the Canary Islands.

animacion satelite canarias

Animation of Canary Islands infrared satellite. Image of web

What is it and how do I get the images of a satellite?

A satellite image is a product resulting from data obtained by a sensor installed on board a satellite in orbit around the Earth. The sensor captures electromagnetic radiation emitted or reflected by the earth. The information is then transmitted to the stations for processing and display.

There are many types of satellite images, depending on the type of sensor and, of course, the purpose. They are used for many fields. Some examples range from military espionage, fire monitoring, evolution of different parameters such as vegetation, to many other things. Nor can we forget the famous Google Earth.

In the field of time, the satellite image offers us a great perspective of the cloud structures that are found on the islands or around them. It is a good tool for predicting weather events in the short term.