Lightning Detector Canary Islands

The lightning detector for the Canary Islands is one of the most useful tools that time followers can find. This product allows us to detect the electrical activity of an unstable situation and monitor it.

Lightning detector Canary Islands

The following image is from an AEMET (Agencia Estatal de Meteorología) lightning detector located in the Canary Islands. This image is a composition the last 6 hours of analysis. The rays appear in the image as marks, depending on the type of ray (+, -). They are also different by color, as each ray will have a color given by the time it is produced. This color can be seen in the image caption at the bottom. Thus, the color red would be the most recent in time and strong blue produced 6 hours ago. We also have a count with the number of negative or positive rays in each of the hours.


Lightning in Canary Islands

This AEMET product is updated every hour.

What is a lightning detector?

Basically a lightning detector is a device that detects lightning or lightning produced by storms.

There are many types of lightning detectors, from land-based and mobile to spatial detectors that detect flashes produced by lightning directly.

The lightning detector is an indispensable complement, which together with the precipitation radar, provides us with sufficient information to know the severity of a storm or unstable situation.