Consult the weather in the Canary Islands[Official]

Checking the weather conditions in the Canary Islands is something we usually do, mainly for the development of some activity. In this article we will cite the official sources and websites where you can consult the weather in the Canary Islands.

Weather information

We usually use the Internet to keep us informed about weather conditions. Today, depending on the case, we are overloaded with information and when we talk about meteorology especially more.

Social networks are a useful tool to express ourselves but also to obtain information. In these networks, the proliferation of profiles with the aim of providing information on the weather has been important in recent years. There are countless profiles of this type and an important number comment and distribute information without having any qualifications in the matter.

Obviously, it is necessary to differentiate and know each account or user. There are qualified experts, amateurs and many more among whom are the alarmists without knowledge. The problem is when people don’t know how to distinguish these accounts and can take the information for granted. For this reason, official sources should always be used.

Official Accounts in Social Networks


Twitter is a microblogging network focused on current affairs. Recommended profiles for weather tracking are:

  • AEMET_esp National account of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).
  • AEMET_Canarias Another AEMET account focused on the Canary Islands.
  • AEMET_Izana Another account of the AEMET, in this case the observatory of Izaña.

And for general information, alerts, school, etc:

Websites consult the weather forecast

Here it is clear, only one, the AEMET website. The State Agency of Meteorology, formerly known as INM (National Institute of Meteorology) has a very competent website for consulting the weather. They have a wide range of predictions as for example autonomic, for each island, etc.. They also issue notes with relevant information on severe weather conditions. In short, the site that we should consult to know the weather conditions of the islands.

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